• 1972

    Opened first plant on 1 acre in Irwindale CA.
    The only products sold were #5 (1/4”), 4/5, #4 (3/8”) and 5/8” ASTM D1863 granite., both in 80lbs bags & pneumatic tankers for rooftop delivery.
    Our market was aggregate for built-up roofing.

  • 1980

    Relocated to 10 acres in Fontana CA.
    Being near the Kaiser Steel plant, we added roofing slag.

  • 1982

    Begin packaging 3M roofing granules, competing head to head with 3M on their own product. Our niche was the roofing supplier and contractor selling pallets & truckloads. 3M’s niche is major roofing manufacturers via rail cars.
    3M eventually discontinued their sacking operation in California.

  • 1995

    Added granule color blending and 6lb-6 pack bottles

  • 1997

    Started CalCant, manufacturing perlite and fiberboard roofing cant strip, tapered edge & tapered systems.