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Lucas Specialty Rock's pneumatic backfill service is a cost effective way of placing aggregate in difficult access areas, such as behind retaining walls, hi-rise planters, alleys, tunnels, or inside buildings. &nbspAnywhere our 4" flexible hose can reach - aggregate can be placed. &nbspFrom sand or granite, to a large variety of colored aggregates, Lucas Specialty Rock has a 25 year performance record on thousands of pneumatic jobs.

Past notable jobs included the Arco Towers, LAX, UCLA, USC, L.A. Library, Palm Springs Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, Hebrew Union College, Norton Simon Museum, Veterans Administration, Scripps Institute, and the L.A. Federal Building.

Lucas pneumatic delivery to roof-top hopper provides maximum contractor efficiency. Alternatives are stock piling and wind rows.

Aggregate delivered directly to cold process roof. Only two men can apply up to 50 tons of aggregate per day. Hose lengths can exceed 800' on cold process jobs.

Lucas Rock can deliver aggregate directly to difficult access areas. The customer holds the hose and places the material.

Lucas Specialty Rock can backfill to otherwise inaccessible areas like tunnels or underground facilities.

Typical Lucas Rock pneumatic roofing delivery. The aggregate is delivered in a self contained 60' rig.

Lucas Specialty Rock delivering aggregate over a retaining wall backing up to inaccessible terrain.
Lucas Specialty Rock can pneumatically deliver aggregate to heights over 200 feet.

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